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Hi there! I'm a newbie to the community! **waves**

My name is Colleen, you guys can call me Collz like everyone else does. I have loved Stephen since I first heard him a few years ago I have had the opportunity to see his comedy show twice, on 11/24/04 and also last year (sometime in April, not sure of the exact date)
 I also got the chance to meet him after the first show I went to.

I have seen The Wedding Singer and I fell in love with him all over again. i'm going back in a few weeks to see it again.

My really good friend and I have an actual written law between us...We are not allowed to see Stephen Lynch without the other person there with us. And 3 years later we have not broke that law.

So, i just wanted to come out of hiding and say hi there! 

Any questions, just ask me...

Later everyone!
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